With a diploma in Audio Engineering, Quincy left Sydney in the late 90s to follow his dreams of working in recording studios and joining the music industry.

After a tough year as an assistant engineer in London, he returned to Sydney to start work at Warner Music. There for over 7 years, he moved through the ranks. Starting off on the sales desk, he then joined the publicity and promotions team before graduating to A&R. During his 3 years in A&R he signed Ladyhawke, Children Collide and The Galvatrons.


Polish Club

Sydney’s Polish Club writes pop songs fifty years late and twice the speed. In any one of their numbers, which barely nip at the three minute mark, the full-bodied howl of Motown’s finest frontmen is parsed through the garage rock scuzz of Detroit.

This glorious blasphemy is at least a decade in the making. Novak and John-Henry met at the end of high school, proceeding to play in a slew of not very good bands separately and together, until the lure of jamming as a two-piece proved there was something worth exploring.

Word about Polish Club is spreading almost as fast as they play. Expect to see them in your hometown soon, and expect to be floored. It will be loud.